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June 22, 2020

Election Day FAQ has partnered with the Mayor’s DemocracyNYC Initiative and the NYC Votes/Campaign Finance Board, who have convened a consortium of community-based organizations, good government groups, and advocates to get the word out about voting safely to the hardest-hit communities. Together, we developed a FAQ for the June 23 New York primary elections:



How can I see who is on my ballot?

Visit to find out who is on your ballot and your polling location.

How can I learn about the candidates?

Visit You can also check out the Official 2020 Voter Guide at

Do I have to be a member of a political party to vote in the primaries?

Yes, you have to be a member of a political party to vote in their primary.

Is there a Presidential Election?

There is a Presidential Primary for the Democratic party.

How can I check my voter registration status?


I live outside NYC. Can I still vote today?

There are elections today across NY state. Learn more:

I’m having an issue at my poll site. Who can I call?

For logistical questions or issues with a poll site, contact the Board of Elections at 866-Vote-NYC. For support from Election Protection, call 866-Our-Vote.

There are only a few races on my ballot. Why is that?

There are not races for every elected office in every district. The candidates on your ballot also depend on your political party. For example, only registered Democrats will vote in a Presidential primary. To see the full list of candidates on your ballot, visit

When should we expect Election results?

Due to the number of voters expected to vote by mail, final election results will not be known for at least a week. The last day to postmark absentee ballots is June 23, so the Board of Elections will not receive many ballots until days after the election. (The deadline for the BOE to receive your ballot by mail is June 30.) This delay in results is new to New York but common in states where absentee voting is a regular part of the process.

What are the delegates in the Democratic Presidential primary?

You are able to vote for which specific delegates will represent a Presidential candidate at the Democratic National Convention should a candidate receive enough votes to receive delegates. To earn delegates, a candidate must receive at least 15% of the vote in your congressional district. You may vote for any 8 delegates, and they do not have to represent the candidate you vote for.

What is a judicial delegate?

A party’s nominees for Supreme Court judges (state trial court judges) are nominated at a judicial convention. Party members vote for delegates to the judicial convention from their district.

What does a member of a state committee do?

District leaders are unpaid party officials, elected by voters who are registered with their party to oversee the county committee in their assembly district.

I would like to testify about my experience participating in this election. [OR: I am unhappy about something that can’t be resolved on Election Day -- e.g. my poll site changed, I didn’t get my absentee ballot, etc.] What can I do?

The New York City Voter Assistance Advisory Committee (VAAC) will hold a virtual public hearing on Wednesday, July 1, to hear testimony from New Yorkers about their experience voting in the June primary election that’s now underway. The meeting will be held virtually from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Details about how to tune into the hearing will be distributed in a subsequent advisory. To RSVP to provide testimony, or to submit written testimony, please email More info on the hearing is available here.



Where can I find my poll site? 


What hours are polls open?

6 AM to 9 PM

Further follow-up if a voter reports that a site was not open by 6am:

Some poll workers are having difficulty commuting to their assigned poll site location in time to open at 6am, due to the MTA’s overnight cleaning shutdowns. Regular subway and bus service now starts at 5am, only an hour before voting begins. The Board of Elections has worked to provide transportation alternatives, and more than half of poll workers live within ½ mile of their work site, but some locations may still have delayed openings. Polls will open as soon as possible.

[See above re: testifying at July 1 VAAC meeting if the voter wants to take further action.]

What if I’m not permitted to vote?

Confirm with a poll worker that you are at the right table and voting location. If you believe you are eligible to vote, you can request an affidavit ballot. If you feel you’ve experienced illegal intimidation or suppression, contact Election Protection at 1-866-OUR-VOTE. 

[See above re: testifying if the voter wants to take further action.]

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, the Board of Elections is asking all voters to wear masks. If you don’t have a mask, a poll worker can provide one for you.

Are poll sites safe?

The Board of Elections is taking extra precautions to protect voters and poll workers from contracting the coronavirus. Social distancing will be encouraged, and poll sites will be cleaned throughout the day. Poll workers will be wearing personal protective gear, and face coverings will be provided to those who need one. 

Why has my poll site changed?

The Board of Elections made some emergency poll site changes due to Covid-19. The Board of Elections sent a mailing to affected voters. It’s always a good idea to check your poll site at before you head out to vote in case of last-minute changes. That site is up to date.

There’s an issue with my poll site. [e.g. machine isn’t working, site is closed, etc.]

That’s frustrating. We recommend reaching out to @boenyc to make sure they know about this issue so that they can correct it. Please include the address of the poll site when you DM or tag them so they can locate the right staff to handle it.



What is the deadline to submit my ballot?

Your ballot must be postmarked or hand-delivered by June 23. 

How do I return my ballot?

Put it in any USPS mailbox, or drop it off at a post office; postage is prepaid. You can also deliver your ballot to your county Board of Elections office or drop it off at your poll site on Election Day.

Can I still vote in person if I requested an absentee ballot?


Can I still vote in person if I already voted by mail?

Yes, only your in-person vote will count 

Do I have to fill out the box that says “Official Absentee Ballot For”?

No, but you MUST sign and date the back of the absentee ballot envelope. 

Image from @boenyc

Can I drop off my completed absentee ballot at my poll site?


 I haven’t received my absentee ballot, even though I requested it by the June 16 deadline.

That’s very frustrating. If you haven’t gotten your ballot, you can vote in person on Election Day. According to the Board of Elections, as of last Friday, June 19, about 4% of absentee ballot requests submitted citywide had not yet been fulfilled. We are inviting voters to share their experience voting in the primary election at a July 1 meeting of the Voter Assistance Advisory Committee, so that we can surface issues like this and suggest improvements for November. 

[See above re: testifying at July 1 VAAC meeting if the voter wants to take further action.]

My absentee ballot says the postmark deadline was June 22. Is that right?

The postmark deadline for absentee ballots was recently expanded by law to today, June 23. You can learn more about the deadline here.