Check Your Registration Status

If you don’t know whether you’re registered to vote, visit the New York State Board of Elections’ Voter Registration Search Page.

Check your voter registration status

Register to Vote

A well-functioning democracy requires the participation of its citizens and voting is participation at its most basic. To ensure your voice is heard, register to vote and turn out on election day!

Register to vote in New York – The New York City Board of Elections’ Voter Registration page includes all of the forms necessary to register to vote or to update your registration.

Register online - If you have a New York State driver’s license or DMV-issued nondriver’s identification card, visit New York’s MyDMV page to register to vote or update your registration on line.

Obtain an Absentee Ballot

Registered voters who cannot make it to the polls on Election Day for a variety of reasons may vote by absentee ballot.  For more information and to apply for an absentee ballot visit the New York City Board of Elections’ Absentee Ballot page. You can also call the Board of Elections Phone Bank at 1.866.VOTE.NYC and they will send you a postage-paid Absentee Ballot Application form in the mail.

Apply for an absentee ballot

Assist on Election Day

Holding elections in New York City is a complex effort requiring literally tens of thousands of poll site workers each year.  To help the Board of Elections continue to hold smooth elections in the city, you can register to become a poll worker.  

Assist on Election Day in New York City